Become a Great Thinker

Leaders are often praised and admired for their vision, and their ability to have an idea and turn it into something great. But what we don’t realise is that process is a skill and takes time and dedication to develop. To come up with these visions, leaders need to learn and become great thinkers. We all have ideas, but a leader's ability to think, plan, and visualise within their mind is something remarkable.

If we think of the bronze sculpture known as The Thinker, we can often wonder how we too can get to that point. A place where you can focus and truly think deeply, and find the great ideas hiding inside. It is truly a skill and an underrated one at that. Here are a few things you need to look at and understand to become a better thinker:


The term metacognition is defined as thinking about one's thinking. Thinking about how we think is crucial to understanding and growing your mind to think better. The process of metacognition allows you to gain critical awareness about yourself, how you think and how you learn. This level of self-awareness is a must for all leaders.

Understand Your Inner And Outer World

Your Inner World is everything that goes on inside of your head. Your thoughts, your body, and your mindset all affect your inner world. What you eat, how you sleep, and your stress levels all affect your inner world.

Your Outer World is your surroundings. Where you work, your level of achievement, your challenges, your goals, your relationships, and many other factors form part of your outer world.

The difference, we have direct control over our inner world, but our outer world is often reliant on those around us. So, take a look at those around you, are they supporting you, or are they pushing you down?

Start By Reflecting

If you have never practiced thinking, the process can be hard to grasp. The best way to start is by reflecting. Take time each day and practice reflection and gratitude. It can be as simple as writing down five things you are grateful for in the day.

This process of reflection is the start to becoming more self-aware, understanding how your mind works, and becoming aware of it.

Make Small Changes

The main reason many New Years' Resolutions fail is due to people setting “bad” goals. People go from zero to running a marathon, rather than aiming for a 5km first. The same comes with thinking and reflecting, it can quickly seem overwhelming. So start with small incremental steps, such as dedicating one hour of your day.

1 hour a day for a whole year = 15 days a year. Imagine the progress you could make in 15 days!

Thinking is a crucial skill that leaders need to have in their arsenal. The ability to properly visualize, plan, and execute is a skill few manage to master, but those who do see its power. Being able to think clearly allows you to plant more acorns, rather than short-lived crops.

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